Design with Courage

Transparency takes courage. If I have an opinion on something I will confidently go forward in sharing that viewpoint.  I don’t shy away from challenges, I seek them out. I understand that in order to succeed sometimes we have to acknowledge our blind-spots, admit when we are wrong, and find the drive within to continuously self-educate and evolve until we arrive at the solution.  I value curiosity because it uncovers problems, creates opportunities, and ultimately shapes answers. 


Embrace Ambiguity

 I believe innately that people who are curious go above and beyond what they’re asked to do simply because they can’t help it. As a Designer, I dive into each project as if I am exploring an infinite abyss of possibilities. By doing this it opens up the space to pursue the answer. If we knew the answer when we started, how could derive thoughtful and creative solutions that impart lasting impact? New ideas are not perfect at inception, being able to embrace ambiguity allows one to keep an open mind and be receptive to new ideas which may over time be developed into breakthrough solutions that we cannot initially imagine.  


Tackle it together

As someone who ‘problem-solves’ for a living, I believe no result is stronger than one rooted in multiple perspectives. As a person who can do a lot on their own, I do my best work when taken out of the vacuum and given the opportunity to collaborate with others.  Prioritizing business goals, objectives, and user tasks as a team, creates an environment where each individual can diverge on a task that maps back to the same information. In my opinion, the coming-together of multiple viewpoints, the diversity of opinions, is what breeds a great product and ultimately a great company. When we tackle design together we are able to find solutions that drive the most meaningful impact, while opening up a whole new realm of possibilities.


Stay Humble

This last one is a biggie. I have a strong distaste for people with inflated egos and therefore greatly appreciate humble attitudes.  My approach? Work hard, be nice, and don’t step on the toes of people I work with. We’re all on the same team, working toward the same goal. We collectively lift each other up and learn from our mistakes.