Nice to meet you.


My ultimate goal is to design products that connect directly to the cornerstones of our daily lives, uncover new perspectives, and deliver tangible impact.

Reflecting on my past, I see a natural connection between each chapter of my education and career. Studying commercial photography during my undergraduate years, not only sharped my visual eye and work-ethic, but also exposed me to the world of open collaboration, and most importantly the concept of "creating" with intent-- intent to derive emotion, tell a story, and design an "experience". It is here, where I developed a fundamental understanding and love for visual design principles, color theory, and composition. These principles have carried through each of my professional roles, acting as a driver in my ability to see what others often times could not. 

Prior to my UX Design experience, I was the first employee at Tastemade, where I worked as a Community Manager and in-house Photographer. Within the startup realm, my focus was to strategize and implement programs designed to drive mobile app adoption and engagement. As a Community Manager, my core responsibility was to evangelize our product by infiltrating influencer communities, while acting as the human touch-point to all mobile-related issues. In addition to trouble-shooting user pain-points and testing our product, I worked on numerous design-related projects, such as newsletters, social campaigns, and various outward-facing digital assets.  Being the ultimate user-advocate, and interfacing with users daily, was my gateway into UX Design. 

At the core, I live and breathe to create, collaborate, and connect. If you do too, I'd love to chat


Off goes the shutter.

In my story, before Design there was Photography. A discipline I continue to practice often and love infinitely. 

When I am not talking, thinking, or dreaming about design...

(You will most likely find me doing one of the following)


Taking pictures, everywhere. 

Playing one of these records. 

Collecting stamps in my passport. 

Eating, drinking, eating again.